In the midst of this creativity Challenge , #OurCreativeJanuary , and I recognize what my purpose in life is. It’s to not only keep creating something, anything, but to insist that everyone else needs to too. Not for the credit or the compliments on how perfectly you’ve done it, but how lovely it feels to be in process in community. I say screw the results, get caught up in the process.

We all need to create, even if we don’t call it that. And sharing what we create makes the process feel even better. I am convinced that in order to increase your confidence in anything, you not only need to do it, but you need an audience. Especially one that is right there doing the same thing with you. Who understands your fears and is enthusiastic when you make a breakthrough.

Why Wouldn’t you do everything this way?

You don’t have to be an artist to make,

you just need to make to be a maker.


Trick is to make sure that you feel as safe as you can when you do share. Not sharing is miserable and sharing on Facebook may not be advisable if your feed isn’t locked down. Safety is very important.

I feel safe on Instagram. I never get harassed and I have the option of deleting any spam comments on my feed. But more so, when we share our work with the same hashtag, we can visit one another and swoon over our combined creative efforts. People with similar interests just seem to find each other there.

And on Instagram is where I’ll be posting my creative endeavors for the next three months plus via #the100dayproject hashtag.

It’s a project I never thought I’d be able to finish and now I’ve done it three times.

Find the wrap up of the 2018 100 Day Project Here.

Find the wrap up of the 2019 100 Day Project Here.

Find the wrap up of the 2020 100 Day Project Here.

And on January 31st, consider joining me for the 100 Day Project.

Go here to see what this is all about.

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I live for conversations.

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  1. You know, I came to the same conclusion! 😀 About inspiring others and of course, creating my ass off myself 😉 I do want to get better, for me! And it’s wonderful to share with like minded people. Always.
    So glad we connected.
    Let’s keep on creating! 🙂

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