We are well into the “Our Creative January” project. Thought maybe it’s time to return home to my blog and begin a new year on this amazing creatives’ community foot. Such diversity, such enthusiasm, and such positivity.

I am co-hosting with Nina Spolar so we can continue to support a creative community together throughout the year. She’s focused on creativity’s positivity and raising the vibration of our world’s around us and I’m focusing on noticing and crediting ourselves with everything creative that we do daily.

All sorts of creativity and positivity has flooded the #ourcreativeselves hashtag, an original hashtag I made for the very first creative challenge. I feel like I wear a warm blanket of community when I see it all happening.

The Our Creative January Project Kicks Off on Shalavee.com

Here’s my first 9 pieces in a grid collage I made. And below is a gallery of them.

I have set an intention for this year to bring me JOY, my word of the year. And creating to connect is a huge source of joy for me. Like some people love bookclubs or swim teams, I like a creative team because supporting our individuality and our creativity makes us feel good.


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