We had a fountaining rose bush in our garden. We even built a wooden structure for it to grow on. And then one winter, it died. Eventually the structure rotted and we removed it. I grieved the loss. The garden completely changed from shady to sunny and I planted other plants. Four years or so later, there was a rose shoot coming up from the ground. And then another.

I call it the Resurrection Rose. That rose in that garden had me adjust my expectations to accommodate it. My husband curses and corrals it. I am just in awe of the way nature just does what it needs to to get on with business. And I recognize that my human process for cycling through change is just that, human. My expectations and resistance always slows me down.

More than a month ago, my computer showed signs of dying. I was in denial. Eventually, I attempted to fix it. And then I went ahead and bought a new computer. With only a 3 percent charge holding on my old computer, I will eventually need that new one but it sits in its box still. So many phases to move through.

Raging. Denial. Acceptance. Dragging my feet. Choosing to resolve the problem and get on but procrastinating. And then at some point, I make the effort to move on. And don’t you know, my computer suddenly charged all the way up. It hadn’t in weeks. 100 percent as I write this.

Sometimes we can see what’s coming. We know the end is inevitable. And sometimes it creeps up on us and catches us by surprise. The only thing I know how to do is take it as it comes. And allow for my humanity and my process to play out the way it will.

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