Another word for my Just Five Things course, Safe. These are my first five immediate thoughts on this word.

As a woman, my first struggle with safety is always from not holding back from saying and being who I really am. I have had stones thrown at me when I expressed theories and truths deemed unacceptable. People regard me in silent horror as I say what I think. I am kind but I’m not nice. That is unsafe.

Safe from sickness? Someone in my family contracted the Covid-19 virus and they were through it and well before they knew as the  symptoms were atypical. I know my children and I would would most likely recuperate fine and then we could be Teflon people. But our elderly parents are the ones we are keeping safe. Anyone remember how chicken pox was something you wanted your kids to contract? You don’t know until you know, you know?

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The largest part of who I am is needing to have my kids feel safe. In he beginning of our coronacation, I have fussed and hovered like I did when we would take our littles on vacation and I’d worry they couldn’t sleep. I’d be the sleepless one while the kids would pass out happily. They have done well, broken down and cried on and at me. But their feelings have been honored and I feel successful that they feel safe. However, it’s exhausting to care for people this hard. Especially dramatic redheaded daughters.

My husband and I venture to the store like bandits. Other than wearing our masks and cleaning our hands immediately, we don’t take extra precautions such as wiping each item down. I feel safe enough that our rural town is largely unaffected. And I’m also not wanting to worry too much about what I can’t control. And that’s the place where mental safety becomes a mind feck. How much can we truly control? When do we let go and let God?

I stay mentally safe by not watching the news. My husband reports plague numbers or news tidbits (RIP Eddie Haskell) and that lack of too much information makes me feel safe. I am proud to say I haven’t laid my eyes on the pompous orange faced 45th president but maybe thrice during his reign. I’m not missing anything, I’m certain.

We feel pretty safe here in our first world abode. It’s dusty and leaky but we are not at risk of having people break in while we sleep and drag us out of our beds and incarcerate or murder us. Some people in the world will never feel this kind of safety. Organic grapes aren’t a thing where they live. So gratitude for the levels of unsafety I feel today.

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