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I have joined a week long exercise in mindfulness and community expansion this week. Created and run by Michelle GD, The Just Five Things Course is asking me to pause three times a day and list five things based on the prompt word of the day. I must admit that “Gratitude” was a hard prompt for me to be inspired by yesterday. However, what came to my attention is that maybe I truly need way more intentional time carved out for myself for my well being. My boundaries are a little wobbly sometimes. Today is Home and I wanted to share my submission with you…

“Home”  for Tuesday day May 19th 

– Comfort and space as cats await my exit from my bed
– Lack of time to myself and chatter and coffee
– Doingness, planning, managing, and watching the redhead’s mood
– Rifle through clothing that I’d rather burn than wear
– Bandits escape and return from shopping to unpack back into kitchen space aka my home office

– Dance of devices in silent and interrupting circles
– The smell of Homemade Chicken noodle soup and lemony clean kitchen floor
– Another escape and return, a walk about a town where my kids grew up noticing every abandoned plant,
– Collage art and blog posts written in my craftroom, a mostly unoccupied space just for me
– Safe inside with windows open watching the winds tear at the world

This evening, I want home to hold me still and keep quiet while I spend some time alone.
There’ll be a bath time but I may be released from my duties.
There’ll be a dinner. I’m voting leftovers. The proof that I have had a purpose even though there’s seemingly nothing to show for it. There’ll be my people around me laughing and being them while I be me.
And hopefully I can take a journal and a book to bed and relax into sleep.

Plus, I made a list and did both the things on it. Technically I am no longer listless. Hope this inspires you to stop and look at your day in a different way. 

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