This Corona Virus pandemic took we normal people for a ride we didn’t see coming.  Surely it was an inevitability to the scientists who understand these things, but to the rest of us, this felt like another broadcast of the War of the Worlds. And we met the onslaught of information and commands with resistance and horror. We all get that feeling that it won’t be us, we hate to not be in control, and we are such creatures of habit that the grief of this change was ridiculously hard on us. Not to mention, the source that was giving us information was untrustworthy. 

Resistance/Horror vs. Acceptance/Change on

And now, almost three months later, as Summer is about to start here in the US and we’re already feeling in the swing of being off, there’s a switch inside me wanting to be flipped. I am tired of having to be purposeful, responsible, productive, and protective. Tired of misery and abstinence. Of being bad guy teacher, dietitian, and sterilization maid. I am ready to adopt a new normal at my house.

As it seems obvious, we are still in need of being extra careful out in the world. The strongest caution is we don’t need to be spitting in eachother’s airspaces. But walking and talking 6 feet from one another is highly doable and pleasurable. Hugging with masks on and clean hands is probably a great thing. We need to adopt our own guidelines of acceptability and safety. And not judge others for theirs. I’m ready to make a to do list of all the fun and creative things I want to accomplish. I’m tired of being the old me. 

So as we move into acceptance that this will all be different and kinda sucky for a little while longer, why not try to actually head for the fun. Stop trying to continue to live the life you used to lead and start a new one. Make a to do list of creative and fun things to do. We are alive afterall. Let’s celebrate that. And let’s embrace our gift of life by enjoying it. Let’s be less what we used to be and more of what we want to be. 

Be the change since it would truly seem there are no better choices. What else can we lose?

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