I love the inspiration of the online world. The ability to pick how and who you want to be stimulated, inspired, and changed by is under-celebrated. To have the choice to gravitate towards like minds and turn it back inwards when you’ve heard what you needed, that’s an amazing opportunity. I have been inspired by Maria Shriver’s Sunday newsletter during this lockdown period and yesterday’s edition had me thinking per usual.

Maria was out walking with her friend Simon and someone she met posed the question, what three things would you change if you could ? While Maria knew she needed some time to think, her friend “Simon’s three wishes popped out immediately…

One, that we become better listeners in business, in politics, and in our homes,” he said. “Two, that we commit to service, and that people start to do more for others, with no expectation of anything in return. Three, that we commit to human relationships, that family dinners become important again, and that we spend more time with our friends—without our phones present. I hope the balance of how we communicate tips away from typing and back in favor of talking.” She tells, then he added another wish. “Four, that America leads again with virtue and values, not might and money.” Maria was excited about the alliteration. So am I.

Inspired by Maria Shriver's Sunday Newsletter on  shalavee.com

I really liked the concept of being of service to others without need for reciprocity. I’ve seen this during this crisis and I personally think it’s always been here. It’s just that the news doesn’t report nice news. Yes, we’ve definitely returned to the “family values” agenda, like it or not. Now Thanksgiving isn’t the only time you have to endlessly suffer your family. But what’s happened from this that we’ve truly been missing, ironically, is how we’re talking to one another through the very devices that have separated us in “normal” times. We’ve been communicating by “facetime” because we need to be seen and heard by each other, not just talked at.

Then Maria Shriver followed up with these thoughts. “I know that when you feel deeply valued, deeply loved, deeply seen, deeply understood, and deeply heard, then you are able to move through the world completely differently. When you feel that way, you intrinsically desire for everyone else to feel that way as well. You will do whatever you can to make it possible for others, one person at a time. ” That is the definition of purpose and of love. I am excited by the intense understanding of one’s worth this implies. I understand that deep and positive communication gets you an understanding of your value, where and how you belong. I understand that’s what faith gives people. I think you get it when you get it.

I am pondering the thoughts of these people and appreciating their words having moved me. And I would like to move the energy of inspiration onward and outwards. Being in a place to give the best of yourself unselfishly is a good place to head for. Feeling though to a destination where you understand what you are meant to pass along to the world is nirvana. And it’s my dream to have that kind of unwaivering faith in myself.

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