You see the world with what you carry in your heart.”

People who were raised on love see the world differently than those who see the world from survival.”

It has occurred to me that I was raised with a crushing sense of scarcity. A historical hangover from generations of struggle, oppression, and depression. I believed that I would never have enough and that I was not enough. And this is still a mindset I battle daily.

But I felt relieved recently knowing that I am not raising my children with this same scarcity mindset. They have enough. Ask them and maybe they think there’s something else they might want but we have been fortunate enough to create a life where we aren’t prisoners to debt.Raising Children with an Abundant Mindset on

There was an old movie I watched a long time ago called I Remember Mama. An Norwegian immigrant mother Marta, played by Irene Dunne with the fantastic braid around her head, raises a flock of family. And she keeps telling them life’s not bad enough to dip into the savings (stored in the chimney in a box). So they persevere always sure that old Mama had their backs. When she dies, they discover there’s nothing in the box. Their belief in their positive outcome got them through. And in icluding cats as characters on movie posters.

I know that, as the mother, I am always setting the positive tone and the hope in the household. I take pride in that and I hold steady the boat in times when it begins to rock. I want my children to feel safe and know that the world will help them when they need it. Because it will if they believe it will. They’ll create that outcome from their belief. 

And perhaps their children will see only the beauty of the world no matter how many times the news points out the ugly. And their love will lift the world up even further through their own positive intentional parenting.

Look at the world with a vision of peace, love, and compassion. Then the whole world will appear loving and peaceful.”


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