Every once in a while I find myself on a page in the bowels of my blog that sums up all the words that I’ve used that I had to permit. In other words, the “dictionary” didn’t recognize these words as official words. And that’s why I adore this word glob. Because they are outlaws and punks just like me.

Ballinamore, Barbequing, Bratz, Brazelton, Butterball, Chantix, Choptank, Cuisinart, Daddude, Dinks, Dollhouse, Grandmom’s, Hogans, I’ve been pinning, I’ve been thinking, Instagram, Intouchness, Leapster, Manifesters, Marg, Mucha, Naptime, One-derful, Pinterest, Preggers, Preheat, Rottenville, Rutabaga, Shalagh, Shalavee, Shimmery, Shoulda, Smokeout, Stepford, Suzonne, Thai, The definition of, Trashion, Uber-Mom, We want produce, Wellbutrin, XYZpdq, accomplish, antiquey, arting, at being , awesomely, bases, beasties, beatdown, beau, beauticians, bejuices, bellybaby, blackmail, blankie, blogasphere, bootcamp, boppy, breakthrough, bringers, bupkis, burlapping, butt, category, cheesiness, chewier, chickpea, chumps, clinginess, clutterbugs, codependent, codependents, coleslaw, collage, combined, concealer, concertedly, constipational, constitutionals, contribute, coolio, could possibly, coulda, coulds, daggone, decoupage, depletes, detoxed, diapering, dishtowel, drooled, ecourse, enneagrams, exacto, exhibit, fete, final, fondlers, form, gazpacho, girliness, globs, gnosh, guestimating, hayrides, hoagie, holey, homekeeping, housecleaned, image, individual perceptions, interconnected, ives, jalopy, journaling, knick, ladder, lady, lego, lovability, masonite, massage, mourning, mums, mundanities, muzzy, my own hero, namby, nappies, neophobia, nilly, nookie, off-roading, oggled, onto, oopsies, out of, overachieving, overcook, overstir, packed, pedicure, pepped, perfectionistic, persnickety, pickiness, pixelly, placemats, poms, pooped, potholders, provide, quilter, quirkiness, ready, refolding, remain, reordered, repinned, resembles coarse meal, resubscribing, reveal, rinser, rutabaga, rutabagas, sassing, seam, selfies, sew, shoulds, skedaddling, snacked, sneek, sogginess, stuckness, stuff-itis, stumbly, sucky, suite, supportiveness, the creation of, the objectification of, their, therapizing, thingamajigs, thinger, thrifted, thyme, toeless, uber, uber-talented, un-lovability, un-perfectionistic, unchoose, unconstitutionality, unlovable, vacuum, vintage, waitressed, waitressing, wanderlust, was surprised, was taken, were ensnared by the, were extracted, wiggly, wilty, witter, woulda, zing

Bravo if you actually made it through reading that word glob of permitted words.

What in the world might I post tomorrow?

It’s a month of dealer’s choice so you never know.

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