I’ve hung out online for enough time now to see there are certain givens. If you are here, you just may be selling something or at least looking to gain something. “Followers” or “friends”, numbers of people who will prove that you are somebody. Somebody worthy of listening to. Somebody worthy of paying or compensation for doing something in return.

On the swing at the playground on Shalavee.com

But what if you aren’t here to make a buck but to make a difference or to make a connection to the greater world and truths around us. Or what if, like me, you just wanted to show up for yourself and see what happened. You’ll bump up against people and maybe you’ll converse with them. Based on that, you may even like a few people. Next thing you know they’ll keep coming back to like you and talk to you. And you for them. And what you may discover is that you have a lot more to say of interest than you initially would have thought. And a lot of people out in the world who share your views.

These lovely people may live in other countries. They may worship different gods and choose to be vegetarians. But they’re kindred souls all the same. You may not even know what they look like, but you know their hearts. And if you’ve been honest, they’ll know yours.

Fiona and Baby Doggy on the swing on Shalavee.com

I began my online journey to just continue to practice my writing. And what I found was that I had an inexhaustible amount of words to say about many varied subjects. I found I could take a photograph to go with my words. And I found out that there were in fact people listening and paying attention to what I had to say and show. I found my voice and myself in this process. I found people who I liked and who liked me. I found a tribe. And these are all things I would not have found had I not taken the chance to start something called blogging four years ago.

As I gain momentum and self-esteem, I am beginning to see how I may fit in, what I can offer the larger world, and that my knowledge and unique perspective is as valuable as anyone’s. I still don’t want to sell myself out but I do know that if I come up with something worth publishing, I will ask to cover my costs. If I put my Etsy shop online once and for all, I will trust that people know what they want and will allow them to buy stuff. But meanwhile, I will continue to engage with the world, create what’s in my heart, and create goals that feel right for me even if they’re not what everyone else might be doing. Because I’m the lone wolf who must find my way in my time. And that’s just going to have to be good enough. Follow if you care. Speak if you dare.

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  1. “Surround yourself with people who get it.” Keep pursuing this endeavor… I know it’s the “it” that troubles them but we’re all the stronger for sticking together.

    • I have been thinking and thinking that the “It” deserves, nay demands to be defined. Because in definition there’s purpose and plans to be made. But I at least know that a handful of people, you at the top, would cheer me until they were hoarse. And that’s a pretty cool thing to know and have. Thank you dearest.

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