In an effort to save the moment, I “videotaped” my belly a couple of times. And just like when I’d do the “grab your hand and put it on my belly for you to feel that” maneuver, Twitchy would stop twitching. I believe this is the only time I got a good twitch on tape. Watch the mole on the right dance.

And of course, now the lurching and poking is monumental but my camera got sent back for replacement. Don’t worry, there’ll be no more naked parts videos. Seemed to make one girlfriend squeamish ( Sarah). But I do have another video coming that needed to happen before this body becomes two. Ready or not, my next video installation will be entitled “I Got Your Pregnant Right Here”. And you get to see the real me.

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  1. I LOVED it, thank you!!!!! No squeamish here, I miss that stuff so much, it’s nice to even see it vicariously. They are so BUSY in there. I love being that connected, I that’s half the reason why I wouldn’t mind staying pregnant forever, heartburn and all. lol

    And the uncomfortable stuff…that’s why I had my baby whisperer. When alex was hurting me, I could text him and he would reach out to him (telepathically? or something) and just ask him “hey give your mom a break k? you’re hurting her ” … and he would come back to me with “he was just playing a bouncy game, he didn’t know it was uncomfortable for you” or sometimes “he is being ornery but i told him to settle down and go to sleep” … and the baby would ALWAYS settle down almost immediately after he did his thing. Once it took like ten minutes I think. One time he was just going bonkers and it turned out he was scared of something that had happened, and I just rocked and settled him for that one.

    What. a. lifesaver.

    Everyone should have a baby whisperer.

    1. Baby Whisperer huh? That’s what Mark used to say I was when I’d come down from putting the baby to sleep who kept popping up because he was so excited he’d figured out how to stand. I love that you had someone to speak from the belly baby perspective.

  2. EEEEEEK. I think viewing your belly would be a whole different experience for me, the viewer, if your commentary was replaced by music. Russ wanted to know “WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING????” I think he thought I was watching something x-rated. Hm.

  3. And I was made aware of this only after the fact. So be it. Entertainment value is entertainment value. And we’re all far too uber-sensitive of viewing ourselves to ever post videos. Now I’m just one of those idiots like Tosh.O creates a weekly show from. Good for me, I say.
    Love,, Your Sister,

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