Having gone to every doctor to have every pain checked out, I finally was comfortable with reengaging in some true working out at the YMCA. I have been taking a weight-lifting class to tone up my belly as well as my upper body. And I have noticed an interesting shift in how I feel inside my body.

When I stopped running and was going through getting my aches taken care of, the pains made me scared. I feared what it meant or how bad it was, and that sort of thing makes you avoid doing things that would cause any more pain. Problem with that is that the pounds pile on an immobile butt quickly. And the extra weight just causes more problems.

After knowing I wasn’t going to hurt myself anymore, I began to commit to many reps but low weights. My muscles began to tone up. Whereas before I was moving my body mass around avoiding the pain, I now occupy my body and can feel it moving. I am holding myself strong and tall and proudly.

If I am stuck with this body for the rest of my life, there are a few things that I want to make sure I can do for the duration. Stand tall, squat over a toilet, and not pee my pants. Each of these endeavors requires certain exercises that very quickly create the strong body you want. I feel like we should all be proud of ourselves for the way we take care of us. And this will keep us happy and independent just that much longer.

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