Faith is a loaded word. It suggests dogma and suffering. But I feel Faith holds so much more meaning than a belief in a higher power. Faith peppers our every day. Doesn’t it take faith to get up in the morning and assume you’ll be alive at the end of the day?

Consider that you hand over your trust to every professional and company who manages your, well, everything. From their promises to never share your personal information to their promises your delivered groceries won’t melt, you have to trust. Whether it’s the guy you hired to install your water heater correctly or the babysitter you leave your precious munchkin with, there’s faith at work everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had people blow my faith in mankind. Because humans are human.

We so naively act as if we have such control over everything. We haggle and oversee and manipulate like toddlers and yet we are oblivious how we are strangling our future. This unseen force called Faith could help us manifest a myriad of wonders if only we allowed it. If only we devoted our time instead to do whatever it took to make our lives happen happily.

I have faith that I have always been “worth it”. And I have faith that you are too.

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