As I do, I was randomly poking at my fiddle phone while killing time with baby having a snack, when Pinterest popped up with this page. O M G !!! There are other paper items equally as cool on this page but this is clearly a page devoted to a collection of paper dress pictures.

another paper dress
paper dress 2

I try to check out the people are who repin my stuff on Pinterest. And in this case, it was really worth it. The Pinner’s name is Homer J. And this is an example of taking this form of social media to a whole new cool level. Ooh La la. Can’t make this stuff out of digital newspapers.

These are the advertisement pages. The ones I’m putting on the bottom of the catbox.

This appears to be an art installation taken by pinner Adunt possibly in London (from her Flicker photostream).

And how about these?

paper dress images

I just can’t stand how beautiful they are. Take a simple medium and let the creativity out of the cage. As with writing, the medium is just that. The talent screams through the medium. To those who would mock this Pinterest practice, Kathy, this is the stuff I get a jazzy jolt of creative craziness from. Visit my Pinterest page to see what other pretty stuff I’ve been oggling.


  1. Wooooooooo!!!! I pinned a book page dress similar to the one at the top of the page but these! Wooooo! I love the advert paper one. And I agree 143% about Pinterest- it’s inspiring eye candy and I don’t know a single artist who can resist it

    • I think it’s all about considering yourself an artist as in, if I don’t have a degree in it or make a living from arting, do I get to call myself that? I say yes. And do you fiddle and collect for your own amusement or to impress others. I love looking over my picture boards. I print them out and pin them on a real corkboard in my craft room. I printed them on picture paper and used them in a collage. And I searched for specific pictures to accompany my blog posts. Those are just a few purposes I have used Pinterest for. And then I just go and oggle my collection and play with it. You were wondering where my picture side was, Yelle.

  2. Very cool, very creative, original. Tried Pinterest again this morning…lasted under a minute. You collect the cool stuff, and show me from time to time…

    • Glad you got my tag. I sure am glad that you don’t have any preconceived notions about what sort of friend I might be or I’d ‘a been ditched some time ago when the expect-o-meter read not enough results in the allotted amount of time. Let’s do a blog meeting soon and I’ll show you mine.

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