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Ah Butthead
Xmas Butthead

If you know us, you know Butthead. He’s the cat who went missing for a week in Easton.My son’s brother cat. In a sad and really sudden turn of events, our beloved Butthead has departed from our company. As in, he had something heinous cancery wrong with him and his lungs began to fill with fluid.

Last Friday, I hauled him and Fiona to the vet’s where she extracted 250 ml of fluid from his lungs (he was drowning). The cells confirmed he had cancer in the glands around the heart. The vet said take him home and let his little boy say goodbye to him. A shot of lasix (Furosemide) to keep his lungs clear and off we go.

A couple of mornings later, we said our goodbyes. The boy cries. I call to make an appointment for his imminent demise and Becky the vet assist says, “You know we can give him a pill if he’s doing this well 4 days later.” Huh. So I get the pills. And stuff it down his throat. Twice a day. For two days.

I was having a hard time with the now he’s gone, now he isn’t, tomorrow’s the day. I asked Mark to reframe this for me. Mark said, “Think of him as being in Hospice“. The decision for his destiny has already been made by a higher power. We’re administering to his comfort and our feelings around that decision.

Sometimes, in sudden circumstances, we may need a few days to cope with the imminent concept of loss. My kid’s done with his grief. He was surprised to see Butthead when he got home this week. The reason I really wanted to keep the cat around a few extra days? It’s Eamon’s 8th birthday this weekend. We lost our Minnie kitty on his birthday last year.

So this morning, although Butthead was looking better, he was holding his front leg out at a weird angle. It seems, when there is liquid in their lungs, they will move their limb to breath. And Mark and I knew we had to take him to the vet and say our goodbyes.

So here’s to the Butthead. He was aptly named for his annoying dunderhead personality as a teenager. And we gladly enjoyed his company however he offered it. In the bathroom, in the middle of the kitchen floor during supper making time, or sitting out on the wall looking out over the river with his little boy.

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    1. Thanks Amanda. It’s not the losing but the deciding. The playing God part always messes with me.
      So appreciate your support.

  1. So sorry for your loss. I know how it feels and no matter what people say, pets are family members. Take care.

    1. Thank you for your sentiment Suzanna. What I don’t think I expressed well enough was that it was for my son that I felt the worst. To lose a cat two birthdays in a row. He said the cat was his brother on many occasions. That was the rub. Taking Care everyday, thank you.

  2. Shalagh, oh so sad. It’s hard to say goodbye to a pet who has been a part of your life. They are such special companions. I had for 16 years who just wandered off one day. I think he was really sick. It was sad.

    1. At least we had completion. The wander off is so dangly. Butthead was only 8. I was looking forward to seeing him mellow. And sweetly, Eamon came out of the room where Butthead was lying on the bed and said,”Hey Mommy, Butthead purred when I petted him”. We never heard him purr. I was sorta looking forward to seeing him mellow with age.
      Thanks Amy.

  3. awww. Butthead was a sweetheart. Nothing worse than trying to decide how to do it, even when you know it’s the right thing to do. Love to all of you as you get used to him being in your memory and hearts. Aww. xo

  4. I’m so sorry Butthead left so young, that’s so unfair. And it sucks. I’m sad for all of you. You made a really difficult decision but it was right, it’s hard not to be selfish in these situations. I feel for Eamon too. He did however get a brand spanking new actual sibling this year…that and the fact that kids are way more resilient that we are, I hope hope hope that lessens the blow for him. Meanwhile, I’ll be working in genetically engineering an übercat that not only lives a beautiful peaceful 80 years but never ever dies on anyone’s birthday. Übercats for everyone! And much love to you three.

    1. Very generous, wise, and sweet of you. Thank you so much for caring about us, making me laugh, and being so sweet to the baby. I am grateful beyond words.

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