This is supposed to be my sewing week for Creativity Bootcamp. Apparently I am not so excited about this creative endeavor as the others. It’s Wednesday and I’m still not sewing. But what I did do recently was use some of the quantity of iron-on no sew fabric adhesives my Mom gave me several Christmas’ ago and a no sew sew-athon happened for the Anchors Away Service auction. I wanted to show and tell my techniques this for these two projects.

Unrolled wrapping paper on shalavee-staging-1.local

The anchor was the symbolism the event creators wanted for event. And so I knew I needed the iconic symbol somewhere and figured front and center was best. I trolled Pinterest for anchor images. After pinning a whole secret board of anchor images, I decided to make my own anchor shape from ones that I liked.

Crackers and the Unrolled wrapping paper on shalavee-staging-1.local
Cutting out the anchor pattern on

I started by retrieving some Christmas wrapping paper from the attic. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t miss this metallic paper with snow flakes. I measured the image to see what my dimension ratio would be. Like 2.5 wide to 5 tall. And then measured my wrapping paper width to decide how tall I could make my anchor. I folded the paper in half and sketched it out on one side of the fold.

Adhering the anchor on

As you can see, these projects are very exciting for furry people who walk on four legs. There was a lot of laying about on top of my project. After I’d cut our my folded paper anchor, I laid it out and loosely pinned it to my sturdy-backed black velvet fabric and then cut the pattern out.

Anchor on curtain and windows on


Nautical hallway flags on

The last step was to use self adhering hem tape to attach the anchor to the curtain. I used my curtain but I was pretty sure the iron on tape would be able to peel off later and I was right. Follow instructions for the peeling and pressing and steaming of the tape.

The little nautical flags I did in a single naptime (2 hours). And they were assembled haphazardly using the full sheet version of the iron on adhesive. I quick cut/ripped the muslin into the 9 inch tall rectangle flags allowing for a fold over my jute string later. Then I ironed on sheets of fabric adhesive to the different colors of fabric. And then referenced my Pinterest page for the nautical flag designs that appealed to me. Triangles and rectangles ironed on haphazardly. And then hot glued to the jute at spaces twice the width of the flags.

This truly was quite simple as I didn’t finish any edges. They are crooked and wonky and they looked great up. I’m thinking I’ll offer up the pennants on the Etsy shop. And that’s my story on how I winged the no sew decorations for the auction. I like simple designs that pack a lot of visual and iconic impact. I was glad I made the effort. And I bought absolutely nothing for either project. Already had everything. See the whole Auction design post here.

The straight through angle during auction on

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