Remember this was the month of self-proclaimed Love. Of course every internet someone had the same idea. And that’s great. Somehow casting this spell of intention had worked some magic into my life. Shifting requires decisions, choices, and losing the things that don’t work. That’s what’s happening in my house this month !

Me in the mirror wearing my weight on shalavee-staging-1.local

My hubby and I have signed up for a program called Weight Watchers. Here in the US, it’s the number one organization to help people lose weight by providing a place, an easy system to use, and people to be accountable to for your weight loss. Accountability is in fact the most proven way to get anything, including fitness and health endeavors, accomplished. That’s how this blog has kept going. Because I promised to deliver three posts a week and, in doing just that, I’ve become a better writer.

There was a special promotion for which, if I signed up by today and were I to lose ten pounds in two months, I get those two months free. Let me tell you, I’d be so freaking thrilled to lose ten pounds. I can not remember the time when I was ten pounds lighter. I would be a superstar. And I get this feeling that this weight on me is the outward manifestation of my fear. And that proving that I have the wherewithal to lose that weight will be a message to me that I can really do anything I put my mind to.

So wish me luck as I gift myself the greatest and most momentous act of self-love and finally shed this ten pounds. Unlike last year’s birthday when I just didn’t feel great about myself, especially my weight, I want to enter and exit this year of turning Fifty with a bang and shout out for happiness and joy instead. Release the fears that have hung over me for so long and pursue those goals that will make my soul happy.

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    1. Hey Jennifer, not eating and putting yourself in a starvation mode isn’t exactly the same as limiting your calories intentionally right above the starvation mode line. Almost. You veggie eaters have to really be conscious of balanced diet or your can be more susceptible to depression. That’s my theory.
      Love to you and hope to actually with you sometime sooner than later.

  1. In reading the supportive comment above, I am reminded of Roger’s blog post concerning the power of women from a few days ago. When a woman says (or posts) that she is undertaking some sort of self-improvement venture (such as losing weight, exercising, learning Mandarin or shucking off her dead weight husband or boyfriend)other women in her sphere rally around with supportive comments and actions. This seems to be a fundamental difference between women and men. If a man says (or posts) something that indicates he is less than perfect and intends to attempt to fix that flaw, other men naturally DONT respond with words and expressions of support. What they do is secretly think “Hah! Morg be weak, now I steal his women and chickens, piss on his fire! Now me more great and powerful than that wussy Morg!” That is to say men are by nature competitive, looking for a weakness to gain advantage and women are by nature nurturing and tend to help and support one another to raise more kids for the tribe, to gather more wood for the fire and forage more tasty roots and fruits. This is yet another reason that women are more powerful than men. So if a man says “heh dude, Im gonna lose ten pounds” his friend says, “Great! Let’s go get some wangs and brewskies!”

    1. You sir are hysterical!!! But if the man is smarter than most men, he’ll align himself with a tribe of women and enjoy the support of what could then be perceived as a harem of support. Yes, there is a difference and it has to do with a marvelous hormone called oxytocin. A bonding hormone/drug. I want you to know I’d jump in your support line if you made this declaration too.
      Thanks So Much Bill. You truly made my day.

  2. I like the idea of “aligning” with a tribe of women. I think thats called polysomething or other? I have tried aligning with women in the past but have been relatively unsuccessful at the tribal level, more so on the monogamous level. Once when i presented a particularly beautifully put together dish at a dinner party with friends, I was told “Why sir you could be a gay man!” I think the gay man friend of women is an under-appreciated niche that deserves more intense sociological study.

    1. When it comes to blogging and social media, if you are all tied into a specific goal or project or event, you’ll find women will be fine with you in their tribe Bill. Facebook groups and creative challenges are often mostly women with some men.
      Love to you,

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