Even though I would never call myself a graphic artist, seems I keep attempting to design logos .  You’ve probably have already seen the one at the top of my Shalavee website. cropped-shalagh.png

After attempting to get the domain name of Chez La Vie, I had to settle for Shalavee (same pronunciation). Even Shalavie was taken. And that’s when I designed the little house around the letters.I am in love with it. Just as I am with all creations.

Bally Eden business card

But the very first logo I designed was for my shop, Bally Eden.  You’ll hear and see all about my shop here tomorrow. My sister is to thank for the graphic artist work to get all my logos to a happy useable place.

This last one was for the local Culinary School project for which I sat on the board. There was a need for a fresh new logo and I set myself to the task. Never realizing that logos are hard to accomplish by committee.

Here are a few of my raw sketches and the many forms this project logo took until I found the right one.

Ches Cul Cnter logo 001

font, pan, and color paletteMay I say again that I do not do graphic design on a computer. So the most frustrating part is to have to find someone to help me out in this capacity. Especially when we’re talking about a non-profit project. Eee-yikes. I had many talented hands lay themselves onto this logo. My happy ending was that the committee voted to approve the logo and we were done.


Now if I can only get it up on a sign now, I’d be so very happy to drive by and see it in front of the building being renovated to host this auspicious and necessary program.

Next up, Bally Eden is revealed. And if you can take a moment to vote for my blog by clicking once on the badge to the right in the sidebar and clicking the word vote, I’d be so overjoyed. I’m a little behind here. I am aiming for phoenix status. Rising from the ashes.

6 Responses to “Logos”

  1. Judy Harrald says:

    I have voted every day… can I vote twice/day????

    • Shalagh says:

      Bless your heart Judy. I am thrilled. You can’t vote twice but you can ask your friends to vote and that’s just as good I’m running out of steam. Not great at the asking part. For anyone else, sure.

  2. Amanda says:

    I voted! Love the logos!

  3. You have so much style. I love all your logos! I like the new culinary one. Nice work. I’m going off to vote now!!

    • Shalagh says:

      Ah style. I have it some places and not in others Amy. Thank you. I love them too. Too much talk and not enough pictures made Shalagh a dull girl.

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