I have known for a while that I am a creative and an artist. The process by which I’ve claimed my creativity has been slow but successful. Creating space and time to actively engage with myself in my chosen projects has become easier. But there was always a part of me which said that to be a real artist, I had to practice with a real art medium on a regular basis. That sounds like a really good should. But it turns out, I am a gal of many creative mediums.

I’ve dabbled in pencil and pastels and truly enjoyed the results, but then I’m done, I move on. The creativity has served it’s moments purpose. I’ve created with these mediums daily for 100 days in a row and then I laid them down. I no longer needed them to provide my outlet for creativity.

Living Your Creative Medium on Shalavee.com

Because I’ve discovered that as an uber creative, I have many mediums that I express myself in. And some of these change from week to month to year. Writing is a consistent medium for me as are cooking and decorating. These are creative mediums that I live and love. They are part of my commitment to live immersed in creativism, recognizing that each day encompasses many choices to be creative that can also be “practical”.

Living Your Creative Medium on Shalavee.com

So these days, I’m filling up on the satisfaction of redecorating my house for the upcoming holiday, adding new art, moving things about, writing when I know I have something to say, and trying out intriguing recipes in my kitchen on my new stove. I love living my days creatively and what I’ve come to realize is that life is my medium.

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  1. I can totally relate to everything you wrote and can only say a big YES, to life itself being a medium. Perfectly put.

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