The computer has it’s element of voyeurism certainly.

And it also provides an opportunity  to live vicariously through others.

I like to take visual forays into Pinterest and follow the leads. And a couple of days ago I found myself on someone’s blog as they described their trip to Paris.

This picture makes my mind muzzy. As I feel like I’m there looking out of the apartment I’ve rented. I love the huge black tree and the tiny lit Eiffel tower.

I have visited Paris in my dreams several times. I was happy there and ordered a cappuccino both times.

I offer up the small sweet hope and dream that one day I do get to visit that magnificent city. And eat and drink and laugh myself silly. Silly I tell you.


  1. There’s something really touching and beautiful about this post. Thanks for the window in your thoughts.

    Makes me feel guilty for spending my time on blogs with pictures of the Avengers saying dirty sexy things.* I guess I’m the other kind of voyeur. 🙂


    • I so appreciate your kindness Ish.Together, we could either wreak some havoc or get some world peace going on. But nothing would be the same, ne c’est pas ? And thanks for the obscure link I’ll never be able to not have seen.

      • I like to share things with my friends that make them want to wash their eyeballs. 🙂

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