We found ourselves headed up to the Pub last Tuesday for half price burger night. We’d also gone the week before with the baby, even though my ankle was still really swollen.

Fiona must like the din of the pub noise because she slept through dinner again. So nice. And Eamon got time to play foozeball with the pub owner’s daughters.

All bellying up to the bar to get quarters for a couple more games.

My friend Jane in Ireland posted a St. Patrick’s Day post on her blog, That Curious Love of Green, where they were hanging out at the pub with the kids eating crisps and drinking minerals. Chips and soda water.

And I was reminded of the time Mark and I went to Ireland. We spent our first two nights in Dublin and were wandering the town in search of a sandwich and a beer. We found ourselves on the other side of the river in a pub.

The barkeep was the kindest man. After he brought us the most divine potato soup and ham sandwiches on slightly and wonderfully stale bread, we watched him as he escorted an elderly gentleman from the door to the bar. And waited on a couple as their children played with straws and napkins.

We weren’t parents yet and thought taking the children to the pub was kinda sad. But as parents, and having a local pub where everyone knows one another, it is a given. And I am amused by the way life shows you your priorities. Get out. Enjoy your community, your children, a change of venue, and a half price burger. And a pint of black and tan.

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  1. Sounds lovely!! So glad you four are enjoying life and you Mama are getting a few breaths of fresh air, it’s far too easy to feel isolated and alone (she said knowingly ;).

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