One thing goes wrong and suddenly everything has gone wrong. You start to throw all sorts of layers of bad on the poo sandwich. You call forth all the indignities and broken appliances and you put them right on that sandwich and you take a big old bite.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my life took a little spill recently. I changed medications and this was harder to deal with than I would have imagined. I have been living as one person for a while. I believed myself to be more unshakeable and temperate. And then I ‘m crying and angry.

Who am I?

My head begins to spin thinking of all the things. Work undone, broken unattended, and relationships un-mended. Every ache and creak mean imminent disaster. Maybe I should leave the house or meditate or call a friend. And then I just sit.

Maybe it feels like too much to handle.

Perhaps I’m complicating my interpretation. I might need to take a nap and return to myself later. There is no great answer to it all, especially in overwhelm mode.

I think it’s all in the way you look at it, the perspective you give it.

So, I offer you the opportunity to look at your life differently in those moments. Instead of opening up for another great big bite of poo sandwich, perhaps quickly jot down 5 things that you have been grateful for within the last week. For me, cute cat videos, roasted beets, fluffy clouds, clean laundry, and beautiful children.

And now I start again.


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