Recently my friend closed her shop down. It was the absolute right thing for her to do. The shop was taking more than it was giving back and it was time for them to break up. I can remember having to make that soul-crushing decision with my shop. And this made me feel sad for its demise however well-advised.

letting go of what no longer serves you on

Sometimes we have to reverse our decisions. Our choices may no longer be achieving for us what we’d thought they would or what they were achieving has since ceased. I started doing a live video broadcast on my Facebook page last July in 2016 and kept it going for several months. But I discovered that I’d have been better off just doing live to tape videos because no one was tuning in. And then we needed to upgrade our Wi-fi when the live feed started to freeze. Wasn’t worth the stress I determined.

letting go of what no longer serves you on

But I had a super super hard time letting my Friday expectation go. I had made this commitment to me and to the world and I felt like I was letting me and the world down. Here’s the thing : if it’s not working then you need to reassess. Whatever you are doing, when you’ve reached the point of diminishing returns, you need to allow for the progress that letting go will allow. I can tell you that was the number one lesson I needed to learn when leaving my ex-husband.Your word and legal documents don’t mean anything if you are miserable.

So here’s to saying no to what no longer is working or serving its initial and intended purpose so that we can open up our minds and hearts to the next thing that might do that better. Be that a job or a husband or a goal, we know when what we’ve been working on is or isn’t working and the effort to change tracks is far more important than the effort we keep making to continue to try to make something work that just isn’t.

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