Today, at noon I will be doing my fourth Live Facebook video chat. Why you may ask? Because anything you do over and over you get good at. And I think I might want to get good at talking on camera. After five years of writing, I got good at writing and now it’s time to hone another skill. Yapping. Plus sometimes I think people get a point better when it’s spoken as opposed to read. I’d truly love if people would get something from any of my writing or yapping efforts here. Ha!

So here’s a sampling of my video chatting. Only about ten minutes long, I took the subject of Burnout on the blog post that day and expanded on it a little. Video quality jumps in and out and I’m learning as I go but I still don’t think it’s too shabby. I feel compelled to hear what I have to say. I hope you do too.

Hope you enjoyed my chat. I may try to download all of them to You Tube or I may not. If you’d like to catch more, go to my Shalavee Facebook page at and view the videos there. I’ll be broadcasting my chats live each Friday at noon after which they get saved permanently there for future viewing. Yay!!

You can find the previous Soul Selfie talk from the week before on my You Tube channel at .

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    1. Oh Mala, yes, this was the only way I could have continued to blog. Because once I say I’ll do something, I’ll do it. I am really serious about my word. And this accountability allowed me to become a better writer and strengthened my voice in my own ear. The video is much easier than joining the Toastmasters club for me now. And I love to talk. Hoping for more readers to write for you know?

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