Joviality, Abigail McNinch and Mary Claytor’s adorable shop at 406 Market Street, is holding strong and as lovely as ever. Opened in the summer of 2011, they offer a very thoughtful collection of giftware, decor items, jewelry, cards, baby items, and sumptuous scarves. They held a Mom’s morning out last week and Fiona and I strolled out to see their new displays and drink their coffee. I am so thrilled for them that they have been open for as long as my shop Bally Eden was open with no signs of folding as I did. Abby was one of my favorite customers and Mary moved into the house next door to me the week after Eamon was born. She’s his Meme.

These are two smart and nice women who chose to open a gift store when the economy still didn’t seem quite well enough to do so. Joviality’s providing what we women know we still need to buy and give regularly: a teacher’s gift/housewarming gift/birthday gift at some point in a year in a charming setting and at an affordable price complete with a lovely gift bag. I’ve been there and done that more than several times and am proud that my unique purchase, a lady’s small floral hammer is my go to gift, also supports a small American business and two charming women entrepreneurs.

Joviality’s Facebook page is a great example of how a community is woven into a business and I suspect Abby’s been hard at this masterpiece. They also won Best Gift shop on the Eastern Shore last year from What’s Up Eastern Shore Magazine. Joviality’s hours of operation are Wednesday through Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM and Saturday, 10 Am to 1 PM and the telephone number is 410-479-0426. Worth a daycation with the Foundry, the charming arts council house is right across the street and there’s a bakery hidden here too. And the Rural Life Museum around the corner a block down from the pub.


  1. Ray Claytor Reply


    Mary says “thank you so much for the nice comments, pictures & your high rating for their shop”.
    They do try to have something for everyone and they like to keep changing and adding new items to keep things fresh.
    Thanks Again,

    • It was absolutely my pleasure. It’s Meme after all, my kids third grandmother, and Abby was one of my favorite customers at Ball Eden. Her husband is intimate with our teeth.
      Love to your family,

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