As with our first, we didn’t know what the sex of the new baby would be. So instead of renovating the new baby’s room,

I said let’s renovate Eamon’s baby room into a big boy room.

The bench begins
The Bench Begins

Ergo the funky ribbons of color on a green background since we didn’t know what flavor he’d be either.

Mark said back then, my design was bound to give him or her ADD if they didn’t have it.

There’s a version of this bench in the garage

Because the floors are extraordinarily wonky, this bench design was a keeper. Cantilever. Yes you can.

And he can stand or sit at this bench specially designed to be level over the tilt-a-whirl floor.

building with power tools

Plus Eamon got to use power tools. Sadly this drill went missing after the yard sale.

Got sold? Given away. Who knows. Got a new one for the birthday.

(PS update, I just found it today in a box with fabric on top. Who-da thunk? Guess Eamon gets a drill now!)

built bench pre-paint

And voila, the new workbench. You can stand on this sucker it’s so solid.

Let me remind you of what the room looked like before.

115 gay st eamon's room 2000 001

And what it looks like now, although probably messier.


See the whole post on his room remodel here.

Soon I’ll get to the weird vanity renovation. Next up, a visit to Joviality.


    • What can you say. He’s a boy. He plays his piano and sleeps up there and throws his snotty tissues next to the trashcan. But he makes his bed every day. And he was the one to pick the colors (one shade darker he says) and he had a hand in the creation of that desk! As he grows though, we’ll have to keep shortening the stool legs! Thanks for your enthusiasm. Decorating the house is really about me and my needs being met anyway.

  1. That bench is pure genius. Many pats on the back for that. I’m still amazed at that tilty floor- it makes me unsteady then steady when I hear the history that speaks through that crookedness.

    I will never forget scraping the book pages off those walls, my heart and vox crying aloud for the loss of that beautiful idea. But it’s all good as all good things must change or become moldy!

    • Danielle,
      You have witnessed the many forms of this room. That before it was Eamon’s room, it was an office with the happy decoupaged book pages dancing along the ceiling line. I forgot I made you and Gayle do away with them for the green baby room. This is the third redo. Thanks for reminding me of the efforts past.
      And mildew is my go-to additional touch.

  2. Impressed as always….and I love the bench. You’ll be sawing those stool legs down every few weeks I reckon!

    Lots love from across the pond Wx

    • Oh It’s Wendy! Thank you so much for stepping into my blog zone. Everyone should have such a lovely long distance friend and workbench. And yes, he’ll be a tall one. Happy Day from a faux Ginger and daughter Ginger to another.

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