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Life can become a little slow, boring, and mundane. Caught up in what I’m supposed to do, I can forget that the mood I’m in while I’m doing even the most boring and mundane tasks is shaded by my thoughts. And as my husband says, if I’m not having fun, I’m not doing it right. Creative Soul Living is doing it right.

I believe that our creativity can be applied to everything in our lives if we allow it. We can put play in places that we usually don’t. And we can make our lives way more magical and interesting if we are open to trying out new ways and new angles. To seeing ourselves in new colors or taking different paths to the same places. And especially by infusing our days and musts with little devotional rituals.

Intentional Creative Soul Living on



Perhaps it’s putting on salsa music while you take a shower. Or lighting a smelly candle when you meditate. Maybe stick a pin in a map to see where you can go get lost and discover something. Or maybe it’s putting your best outfit on to go grocery shopping.

Creative soul living is a concept I came up with nearly two years ago and I can see how even I have not embraced it fully. Won’t you join me in taking a different route through our lives and seeing where we may be able to infuse a little more fun into our every days. To live and allow a few moments that are unjudged for their productivity. And thus inspire ourselves to create more daily joy for our inner children. Create magic right where you are right now just for you. I dare you.

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    1. It’s not even trying I think Elizabeth, it’s just being with ourselves and amusing us. I think the moment we start trying too hard, we lose touch with the the honest connection perhaps as we’ve put it on stage. You are creative even when you just are!
      Love Ya’,

    1. Just being mindful and grabbing a whim to write or call someone or comment! It’s the trust we create as we listen to our intuition ask us to follow the breadcrumbs and see what happens. We can’t help it. It’s a process not a product!
      Love to You Tamara!

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