After blogging for over a year, I took a recent  opportunity to take part in an e-course called Blogging Your Way. Led by established blogger, teacher, designer, and public speaker Holly Becker of Decor8, I felt privileged to learn from her. The course and the timing were right.

The fact that I’m blogging at all is ludicrous. Me and the computer are not so simpatico. After my first computer ate my engagement party pictures as well as everything else in my computer (who knew you needed extra protection from viruses back them), I swore off computers as evil and ridiculous. Betrayed, I stayed away while the rest of the free world got cozy with progress.

Yet my need to write, take pictures, and listen to new music overrode my fears. And I finally began again and started my blog, Shalavee. But every time the computer hiccuped or I had to do something with it, I panicked. Fast forward to taking this Blogging Your Way e-course and I bumped into my old nemesis, my Achilles heel, technology.

My first assignment was to watch the video as the tech support husband explained the setting up of my profile on the site. I even took notes but when I went to “link” my website, apparently I’d missed something. Oh well, I said, I’ll come back to that. Then last night, I took a stab at installing my student badge, a picture on the sidebar of my blog. I had to search and read instructions on WordPress about downloading widgets, opening multiple tabs and skipping back and forth.

But a wonderful thing happened. Where my former self may have shrieked or cussed, the fear of not knowing did not get the best of me this time. I kept my cool and drove through the wreck. In an hour, that badge was proudly displayed on the sidebar.

Although I have a friend who, if I asked, could have taken care of this in two seconds, my gain was self-pride for my persistence. I saw it through and never panicked. If I keep doubting myself and avoiding the opportunity to grow and learn, what am I saying to myself, not to mention my kid? The band Ben Folds Five had a song called Do It Anyway.

And so here I am valuing my decision to blog and learn and touch the computer more and I’m doing it anyway. I think I’ll go and attempt a Tweet now. Perhaps even burn a CD of new music or join Instagram. The day is young.

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  1. Wow, Shalagh, you are on a roll! Girl, you should follow it through. Technology has its ups and downs for sure. I’ve been known to curse at my computer from time to time. Stay the course. It’s great you took the class. Good for you.

    1. “God Bless America” seems to be my favorite G rated expletive these days. And yes, you do know, don’t you. Gotta go back in and add the links I forgot now. Oops.

  2. How great that you kept your cool and persevered!

    Reminds of of the quote:
    “The best way out is always through.”
    ~Robert Frost

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW Bootcamp)

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