I’ve visited the subject of Faith before and I felt the need to come and redefine it for myself today. Because the next phase of my life will rely on some wicked amounts of Faith driven work to deliver me through my goals. It’s OK to know and be terrified of what you need to do in life but there’s got to be some tricks to guiding you through the fear minefield of your future. And I believe Faith is one of them.

Now when I say faith, one may immediately go for the God version. And if you’ve got that, go for it. Believing in a divine love supporting you through the work it takes to fulfill your life’s purpose is awesome! But it’s also wayyyy OK if that Faith is one in yourself and your community’s support. You have worked something all your life that’s been working for you, why not believe it’ll keep working.

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Faith means you believe that you are capable of many small steps that will lead you where you need to go. It means that the things you want in your life are worth achieving. It means the people who are rooting for you are very nearby to catch you if you fall. It means you are never alone when you love what you are doing.

I will offer again the acronym that allows a further understanding of how your imagination can lead you to a place you only dream of. Feel As If the Thing has Happened. You manifest everything in your life whether you realize it or not. And understanding this, you can harness that magic and imagine yourself arrived at the place you want. Imagine your pride and the joy of others. And there, in that feeling, is your faith.

Yes, your fear will intervene. It knows everything you know. Can use you against you. And yet, you can also choose the next step and the next step and the next step even as your fear clambers in your ear. Turn to your fear and kindly thank it for trying to keep you from your imminent death but you’ve got this for the next 24 hours and tell it to go take a coffee break. I guarantee you, months from now, you will know exactly what faith will get you. Everywhere.

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  1. A perfect message for January! And I love your reply to fear – I’ve got this, take a coffee break. And to not be so stopped dead by fear either! Cheers, Shalagh – it’s nice to read your words again. I’m just getting used to WordPress rules again – my commenting power seems to be stopped. Hope you get this! Dawn xx

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