Sometimes my progress feels like I’m riding a rusty bicycle. I spend soooo many moments thinking about a change, considering how one makes the change, forgetting, remembering to work on changing it, and then starting the process all over again before I finally get to move the bicycle an inch.

Feel As If the Thing Has Happened on

Seems that it can take a long time from the first inkling of a making a change to following through with that change. Months and years can pass and the thought is still haunting you, doubts winning over progress. But on a dime, you can suddenly change your mind, grab a hold of the moment, get out of your way, and make your dream happen. My first marriage, my weight, my writing, and now my intention to put myself out more with doing live videos on Facebook were all affected by long long thought processes to make decisions to make changes in my life and my possibilities.

Sometimes, or most of the time, change happens slowly. It begins with a thought, a spark of a possibility. And our “what if’s” grow from there. Sometimes you aren’t confident. You need to research yourself, your abilities, your resources, and in what sequence your plan needs to unfurl. You may need to gather others’ opinions and build a team of supporters.

To move yourself from where you are, you have to imagine yourself there where you want to go. I used to watch a show called Starting Over. Women in need of help in a house doing hard soul work all together under the guidance of counselors/coaches. And life coach Iyana Vanzant had a helpful way for her clients to think about the process of moving themselves on into their future. She used the acronym FAITH : Feel As If the Thing Has Happened. If you imagine how it will feel to have done what you are thinking you need to do then you can feel your way to manifesting it.

Feel As If the Thing Has Happened

Feel As If the Thing Has Happened on

I knew the marriage I truly wanted was brimming with love and trust. That I needed to have my children with a man who was loving and patient and not self-absorbed. I imagined a little toddler running to me at a waterfront house. And that’s what I ended up with. I imagined what it would be like to write regularly because I needed to, because I had to. And now I have devised a way to stretch my writing muscles regularly. Like it or not, I publish a post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Sometimes our ideas just need to gestate, lounge about in our consciousnesses. And eventually they become more urgent. Until finally they are more painful to keep unfulfilled than to just go ahead and put them into action. That can take weeks or years. But the best and most fated actions for your life will always resurface. You just have to scoop them out and allow them to breath and grow.

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    1. Yes Dawn we were at a small local zoo and those fun mirrors were a must shoot for me. And I do believe you and I will always end up actualizing our best ideas. Yeah back atcha!

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