I need a nap. I feel fat, pale, and ugly. I’m worn out from my 8 year old. I keep grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning and it never ends.

These are all things I could have said within the past year, especially during the lockdown dark times. I know I certainly thought them. And those would have all been clues to cease and desist with the continued torturous unsung labors of love and do something for me. But sometimes the hardest words to comply with or even come up with are Stop and Self-Care.

Let me tell you how I ended up being sick of my mental gripery and started to do those two things. I talked with my husband about my housework overwhelm and he helped me have permission to look for help around the house. We were able to do trade for some cleaning and I have felt better. I can now get to the deeper cleaning that I really will never get to.

Heeding Your Restorative Signals on Shalavee.comAnd I also decided I was worth whatever it took to feel pretty. So I paid to get my hair highlighted. I’ve paid for a subscription to Noom to understand my relationship to my body and lose weight. I’m allowing myself a subscription to a tanning salon for a sunny glow this Summer. And I get pedicures regularly.

All of these things make me feel special and I can honestly say that I feel better about myself these days. If helping on the outside helps with the inside then so be it. Clothing that fits, new underwear, and a pink champagne smelly candle are also splurges I’ve made to bring on a feeling of being spoiled. Why not? Who else is going to know exactly what I need to indulge me?

So if this encourages others to lavish themselves with the pampering they keep holding back from themselves then Good! The more you do, the more you’ll like your worth and then you feel entitled to more. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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