Admittedly, when I assembled the hopeful attendees for my Meet-up Group (which turned 2 years old in March), I wanted them to say “yes” because I looked forward to getting to know each of them better. And my wishes were surpassed when they said yes and I felt perhaps I had a good idea not just for my benefit but everyone’s.

Expanding Our Meet-up on

I was right of course. Women need to hear what other women feel and think so that they can feel more normalized. We want to hear that we’re not alone. We want to know what other people are doing about their similar problems, especially when it has to do with our women’s bodies.

We became closer at each meet-up. We understood each other more. We trusted our group to bring and discuss our meatier issues. One woman became my contact person for my kid’s school. We met for coffee or drinks on a few occasions and I knew we could call on each other if there were a crisis.

As much as I wanted to selfishly keep our group the same, I also knew that we would all benefit from an influx of new energy and intelligence. And so this past Sunday, we met again with several new faces and a few absences of our regulars. And what we find again is that we are intelligent women just wanting to talk about being us. We want to make deeper talk, ask and hear opinions, and witness each other in the safety of the group.

Expanding Our Meet-up on
Our Hostess with the mostess Annie

As it was Cinqo De Mayo, our hostess asked us to come with a thought on revolution. I am all about that these days and offered that the oppression we suffer from id often at our own hands. No one needs to help us keep us down. We’ve got it under control ourselves worrying about things that have nothing to do with our truest selves. My first revolutionary step is to stop self-bullying.

If you have attended gatherings but feel like it’s not for you, I get it. Most of them are too superficial for me. I’m the kinda person that is ready to talk about the real stuff and be witnessed in the process. I encourage you to start your own meet-up and see if it isn’t exactly what you were looking for. And let me know how it goes.

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