This is the second year that I’m taking on the 100 Day Project. Last year I did both 100 days of sketches and pastels and simultaneously participated in the Index Card a Day challenge with collage and a few other random mediums. The thought of doing all of that again exhausts me.

This year, I decided to just do 100 days of collage on a slightly larger format than an index card. I cut a piece of paper in half and decided that was neither too big nor too small. It was just right. And everyday(almost) I get into the craft room and I stand there and I craft. Read about my start Here.

Here’s the thing, you are sure that there’s nothing that you could possibly commit to every day. But that’s bunk. You certainly can. You are committed to putting clothing on everyday. You concede that activity will take a certain amount of time and you patiently spend that time daily putting that clothing on your body.

Life is all about expectations. I have just added an expectation on to myself. Much like doing the laundry or making dinner or exercising, I expect that I must blog three times a week and now I art daily. Once it’s a non-negotiable in my head, I slide it into my day without a thought. Intentions become habits.

I have missed a day or two with the boy’s birthday/Easter/Spring Break combination this weekend but I am also not worried about it. I’ve also noticed that with this proactive arting, I don’t care too much about whether people are seeing it online. The act of doing it seems to be satisfying in and of itself.

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See Days 19 through 35 of my 100 Day Project for 2019, here.

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