Back when I had the shop and had my first baby, I had a discussion with one of my valued customers about electrolysis. This is the process of permanently having unwanted hair removed from you body by way of a teensy needle with a teeny bit of electricity. And I absolutely believed this woman when she told me this treatment worked for her completely.

I contend that hormones are the cause of most of the world problems as they certainly are the cause of many of mine. Post pregnancy hormones did all sorts of tricks on my body and one of them was growing a beard. A neat row of hairs right along my jaw bone like a little Italian lady with a few rogue dark ones on my lip for flair.

When I quit smoking, I devised a master plan of self-care to end all master plans. I took the money that I saved up from all the unsmoked cigarettes and I took myself to see an Electrologist in Easton, Maryland. I even did some research into laser hair removal but that woman said my hair wasn’t dark enough for that procedure.

The cost of the Electrolysis was $30 for a half hour session. The area was numbed so there wasn’t much pain. The woman explained to me that it’s good to try to catch the hair at a certain phase during it’s growth. No matter when I went, I found the treatment just worked.

I returned regularly, maybe bi-weekly for probably 6 months. And I can not tell you what an ever-loving relief it was to have that done.

No more fretting and tweezing and grazing at my face with the tweezers or fingernails to yank the offending intruders when I suddenly discovered their splintery presence in my face. She explained that when you shave them, they grow back and waxing wouldn’t potentially banish the unwanted dastardly follicles forever. So the electrolysis option was truly my only hope. And I was so happy when this worked.

I received the electrolysis about 7 years ago. And only recently, after a second child, did I notice another offending hair or two in my face in need of permanent removal. Of course, besides the coarse thick ones, there’s also the really long light-colored ones to now look out for. Old lady hormones cause these. And I say, why try to remove and do all this with my failing eyesight. Instead, I want to revisit the electrolysis table for a few tune-up zaps and be on my merry way.

Here’s the place to find the Electrologists in your State. And here’s a page of the most frequently asked questions on Electrolosis. Interview the practitioner to make sure you understand the exact steps of the procedure and see if you can stand their personality. Perhaps ask to speak with one of their satisfied customers. If they refuse to be helpful, they are not the practitioner for you. And I’d say that goes for any wellness professional.

Electrolysis was one of the best self-care choices I have made. It was well worth the minor cost for the major relief of not having to feel self-conscious anymore. And I’m sharing this because if you need permission to do this, I want you to take a fistful of it from me. And please don’t hesitate to ask me anything or converse with me in private if you’d like.

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  1. I love this Shalagh! Thank you for being so honest. I recently got my upper lip waxed for the first time ( something I’d been wanting to try for ages…) & it felt so great! I might even try electrolysis next! Love your writing style! X

    1. Thank you for your comment Sam. I have been intending to write this for a while because self-caring is tremendously important and this was a big deal. And if it helps someone else give themselves permission, I would be happy. And thank you for your compliment on my writing! Makes a lovely difference in how I feel doing this.

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