11 July I'm Speaking Up post on Shalavee.com

Almost hard to believe that it’s well past the middle of the year. And yet happily, I have continued my mindful chronicling of my everyday making.  I’ve kept up with monthly making picture files with each picture dated. And I realized earlier on that I am a maker in many ways other than art and word.

5 June It's OK to be OK post Fiona-in-the-tub-on Shalavee.com

I take copious pictures with the intention of using them here on the blog, there on Instagram, and sometimes on Facebook. It’s almost a bit much to keep track of. I know many are lost in the archives. But despite my lousy system, I’ve been consistently maintaining these files.

29 June Summer's Stutter Start post on Shalavee.com
26 June Visit with Pegeen on Shalavee.com
5 July The Fourth with sparklers on Instagram on Shalavee.com
9 June Ready post and sky art on Shalavee.com
4 July Key Lime Pie on Shalavee.com
19 June Solstice decorations post Finished Floor cloth on Shalavee.com

And I love sharing the pictures to give myself credit for my continued Year of Making. These are some of my favorites from June and July.

28 Making cards on Shalavee.com


Most likely, I’ll be back with more of my pictures of my making next month in September. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. See you with a post, as always, on Monday.

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And, as always, Thanks to you for your visit.

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