Just like last time I was pregnant, I got this crazy notion to get jiggy with painting the kid’s room.  Eight years ago, not knowing the gender of our first-born, I painted a green background with cream vertical stripes and hand painted ribbons cascading down in fuchsia, purple, orange, and aqua.

Eamon with all his “friends” circa kindergarten

My husband said, if the child doesn’t have ADD, he surely would after living in that room.

Flash forward and again, not knowing the gender of belly baby, I decided to refocus my efforts on updating my son’s room to a big boy room. And then I’ll never have to do this again. I based my design on this nursery I found on Pinterest. He and I worked together to pick out paint colors and pillow fabrics.

I had already gotten it in my head that instead of a straight line or molding, I was going to paint a chevron around the room’s top half of the walls. That and the wrap of color from the ceiling will help camouflage the catiwampus rhombus shape of his room in this old nasty house we live in.

As I started to research how to do this, I found many tutorials on blogs on Pinterest. Like How to chevron your nursery walls  here. A particularly well photographed step by step here. Or here which came out like this.

Tres cool. But I really just wanted one zigzag stripe chevron.

Interestingly enough, when I was surfing, seems the chevron paint bug is a pregnancy problem. I found numerous pictures of really pregnant women smiling for cameras in the middle of chevron craziness. Because that is what it is, craziness. Owen’s Oliva tutorial is here. And here’s the crazy pregnant lady doing the deed.

But no matter how crazed I was, I was not making, wearing, or posing for anything like this chevron maxi skirt. The end.

Stay tuned for the reveal. And the painful story of the process which will hopefully deter you from trying this in your home.

 I can tell you it turned out fabulously. And I will never try it again.

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  1. What a great idea! I can’t even imagine how much work must have gone into this project. So curious to see your design revealed – it already looks great on picture #1/#5. Hooray to the completed project!

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