My 100 day project continues into June with about a month remaining. I have mostly kept up with creating everyday save a few days where I had to produce a couple of pieces at a time to catch up. But I didn’t mind. I am glad for the excuse to get into my craft room and create more. Because that’s what this project is about. An excuse to create.

The project is deceptively more than this however. The continued creativity becomes a way trust that I can show up for myself. This is a lesson I continue to need to learn. To trust that I will show up for me.

The ICAD project, which I participated in for the past two years in a row, just started up in June and as much as I wish I was creating with them, I have chosen this as my sole challenge now. Plus I’m already doing collage which is my favorite medium for ICAD.

Summer has just begun and yet I am already enjoying my creativity routine. I am reading a book and working on the garden. Life is always better when I indulge my creative whims.

With a month to go, I need to look ahead to what I might replace this routine with. Last year, when my challenge ended I felt it was a waste not to replace the intention with something else. Habits formed are nothing to mock. 30 more days to go and I’ll do a round-up.

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