Whether you know it or not, there’s an evolution revolution currently occurring. We are being asked to raise our consciousnesses and consider how we treat ourselves. We can move from reactive living to proactive living if we use our brains differently.

All the buzz about mindfulness isn’t bunk and here’s why. We have two different parts of our brains that we use. There’s the back brain and the front brain. The back brain is the primitive brain that works on autopilot and is responsible for fear. It says it’s keeping us safe but actually would keep us from evolving if it had its way.

The front brain is the place where we make intelligent decisions. It’s our proactive place, our “I’ve got this” place, and we’re woefully under-utilizing it. In fact, we don’t trust it, and consequently ourselves. The need to connect with ourselves has brought on an onslaught of self-healing practices of which meditation is truly the best bet on self-connection.

When we sit and allow ourselves to be instead of do, we come to understand what we can and cannot control and who we are and aren’t. We connect with ourselves and a higher power to simplify life and magnify what it is that is truly important. In order to make a difference and help our world, we need to be humble enough to know that trying is all we can do but we must try. And we must have compassion for ourselves when we fail. And try again.

Evolution Revolution : Using Our Brains Differently on Shalavee.com

In order to change the world in a fearlessly all in kinda way, we’re going to have to act more from the front brain mode. We’re going to have to figure out how to raise a generation that isn’t constantly apologizing for itself. That knows what stellar treatment it’s entitled to. We are going to have to intentionally improve our souls to pass the betterment on to the next generation. So that they may feel entitled to evolve out of Fear and into Love.

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