As this October 2015 Creativity Bootcamp comes to a slow inevitable close, I wanted to take a moment and give it some respectful thoughts and closure. This is a gift in need of being held gently and reverently to the many who used it and understood its value.

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Our group creator and leader Jane Barry, author of the blog That Curious Love of Green, received a similar precious gifted experience in an art challenge she had participated in. The permission to do what made her heart happy regardless of the quality of her work and the accountability to show up day after day until there was a habit, a need formed. And what we would also find out is that our silent and lonely souls needed the shelter and the support to plant their thoughts of creative habits and let them grow.

The people in this group weren’t all sure what they could create or quite why they were there but we were all there together. And Boom! The creative energy exploded. And post by post, as a group, we began to build the community around ourselves with thoughtfulness and support, our confidence levels were raised. The sum of the parts was becoming a greater whole, a community, with a fountain of inspiration and light that began to flow which we could dip into for the support and creative inspiration we needed. And we were all in awe.

I have to say that at first, this wasn’t exactly how I felt. A direct message conversation with another participant reveals how maybe we all felt weirdly at first about the Bootcamp experience expectations.

Yeah, it was hard to figure out how to “do” this. I felt this need to do something amazing everyday and then the stress of the baby and then the performance anxiety…I agree, it could be overwhelming. So my thought is, use it the way you need to. If you only have five minutes to create, write a haiku about your toe. If you only have five minutes to read posts on the site then five minutes is all you have. We have that ‘I don’t want to miss anything’ mentality and that just can’t happen. This is for us to use so use it to amp your own game up if you can when you can. And share when you can…Accountability to yourself to complete a challenge is a great gift. And you know I’ll share my process despite myself.”

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I can say that I am now resigned that I may not be able to cram in practicing those mediums that I wanted as often that I wanted. And I’m OK with that. Husbands end up in the hospital, children are in your face while you try to create, and you just may not feel inspired to do anything but read. Those are just life happenings. Maybe however, we all learned to prioritize ourselves and our creative time a little more than we do now. And it may not be every day, but even once or twice a week we can allow for our creative release and the resulting high on creativity that we need to make us feel a little more ourselves.

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  1. My parents arrived the first day of bootcamp and my mom stayed until the 21st. I got a sinus infection in the middle of being with them, back and forth to family stuff and working. Let’s just say I wasn’t able to be terribly creative… But I feel like the support and reading everyone’s profess helped me over the hump of my dry spell. I feel motivated and even validated to push further. Thanks for pushing me to join!

    • Oh Jennifer, I’m glad you decided to join. The ill uncle, the sinus infection!I think that just being privy to the support can make you giddy with future accomplishments. Glad you did.

  2. The musts and should sometimes are great motivators. The need not to “disappoint” the community or the commitment can be also. But sometimes life does just get in the way. How wonderful that that is OK too with this great Boot Camp group.

    • Yes Shannon, at the end I felt that we all had high standards that we had to come to terms with not meeting. And it was cool to hear others saying the same. But I can tell you I wouldn’t have done half the things I’ve done had it not been for personal accountability. Thank you dear one.

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