Seldom do we connect with people who we find completely familiar while they remain utter strangers. The internet is the perfect place for this to happen and it happened to me. I’d like to acknowledge one such gal. Her blog is entitled Sleep and His Brother, her name is Ish, and we “met” during my online blog class. I laugh very loudly at her commentaries, oggle wonderingly at her pictures, and envy her Pinterest pins. I may have a little bit of a crush but she made me do it.

My timeline of Ish knowledge only started at the end of last year. And ith every blog post I read, she becomes more enigmatic. So far I’ve discerned that she’s married with a child and lives in Northern California. And that every major player in her circle has got a cool code name. She’s visited Paris, is an artist, has way cool taste, and loves ham. She is a bit of a mystery. One I don’t want to spoil by asking too many questions.

I find her hysterical in that totally neurotic way that I value in myself. She never fails to get one if not several laughs from me when she even makes a lame attempt. Maybe she has no idea. Until now that is.

In reading her blog, I have been highly entertained by her recount of “Toddler Flails Alot’s” play date (in which she likened the group of them to a heard of puppies with a deathwish) and a post on Thanksgiving and a dub step rebroad (she’s sharing a video worth seeing here). But it was her charming and quirky pictorial “Day In the Life of Owlie”, apparent homework from a photography class, that got me most recently. Her few photos for your viewing pleasure.

My heart is easy prey for Ish’s charming Owlie pictorial and her vulnerable and neurotic writing. She is a kindred spirit and a fellow scary Mommy. And with her secret identity and her remote location, my laughs are truly authentic. I am a fan and I look forward to any and all of her posts to come.

Thanks Ish, Purveyor of fine art, shiny objects, and sarcasm.

And the author of the blog, sleep and his brother.

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