What would I have you know after my holiday hiatus?

That I haven’t had a hot flash in at least a week. Look up Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy. There are creams and patches. I just chose this method because, like Norplant, I don’t have to think about it. I can just enjoy the benefits.


I’m on another round of antibiotics for the sinus infection. And will be filing a complaint against the Doctor who was on call when I called in to receive help for this chronic condition. Yes, he shamed me for the knowledge I had about my body saying that he was the doctor and wouldn’t be told how to treat me.

3 doctors later…After The January Pause on Shalavee.com

I’m ready to turn down the volume on the mothering and holiday hostessing stations in my head. Start filling out the spaces and working into the tasks where my creative Soul needs me to.

I’m filing for financial assistance for the medical institutions that I deal with. I shouldn’t have to pay $225 for a televisit out of pocket. Off roading without insurance is a little crazy talk but we want to send our daughter to a private school this Fall. We do what we need to do.

I am moving along on my wealth management course called Dow Janes. I’ve had new member check in call and have gotten an accountability partner for weekly check-ins. I am feeling really positive about recreating my relationship with money and wealth. After The January Pause on Shalavee.com

I’d say I was making use of my word of the year, Leapy. At the same time, I’m awaiting my son’s departure so that I can get back to taking myself more seriously as an artist and a writer. I’m ready to turn down the volume on the mothering and holiday hostessing stations in my head. Start filling out the spaces and working into the tasks where my Creative Soul needs me to.

Meanwhile, lots of journaling. Trying to figure out the best ways to organize myself and my thoughts. Bullet Journaling maybe? And being super ridiculously present for my family and myself. I hope the same for you all this week.


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I appreciate You so much!


  1. Tracie West Reply

    Let’s see if this works! The link you sent was easier. No sure if it’s my phone. Sometimes I think it’s me and technology not quite getting along! Does leappy mean you will be jumping a lot? I know weird question. My word is simplify

    • Hey Tracie! It’s definitely the technology. No Leapy doesn’t mean I’ll be jumping physically a lot. Although that was a good suggestion. It means I’ll be making more leaps of faith to do the scary things I’ve not felt “Enough” to do yet. It’s kind of about bravery and also, it’s a LEap Year so why not take the theme and go with it.
      Simplify is a good word. I have definitely been working on that with my ongoing 100 day project to let go of past shite. But some of us are deeper into the chaos than others.
      Thank you so much for leaving this comment, I appreciate it immensely!

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