I recently arranged and hosted a Mastermind Meet-up with a group of women who I admire and respect. The purpose of this meeting was to gather to inspire and enlighten each other. And beyond talk of random politics and religion, because how cool is it that we women can do that without conflict, we spoke of what our goals for ourselves may be. Well, I threw mine down on the table and offered everyone an opportunity to consider what their soul goals may be.

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My friend and women’s intuitive coach Samantha Wheatley uses this phrase soul goal in her work. And besides the fact that it rhymes, it immediately asks you to go beyond your daily grind and surface to do’s and dig a little deeper for work that may be more fulfilling to your truer deeper you. Because by the surprise of one or two of the women, I don’t think we often ask ourselves to have these kinds of goals.

Goals tend to be body or weight oriented like calorie intake and weight loss. Or fitness-centric as for a marathon goal. Sometimes we have house renovation goals before we host a party say. Or deadlines for work even. But what other kinds of goals are we missing out on? I have included creative goals in my life over the past couple years. In fact this upcoming May, I will be endeavoring to create something every day. That feeds my spirit immensely and setting aside time for it makes me know it is a priority. But when do we call ourselves to the mat for soul goals?

soul goals on Shalavee.com

In considering what yours might be, you can include injustices and problems that irk you on a regular basis. Like the acceptance of women’s low self-esteem as OK. For me, this is not OK and so my goal is to lead by example and be brave online as often and in as many ways as I feel good about. But yours could be homelessness or the lack of resources for people with issues. It could be the immigration situation, the local Humane Society, or your own struggle with your relationship with your mother. All of these fall into the realm of outside the daily and require a little more thoughtful pro-activity to bring about change.

So have I got you thinking about how you may want to affect a change in your world or life this year? I admire the littlest of goals as these too seem to lead to greater realization. One woman I know meditated for ten minutes each morning and decreased her anxieties immensely. One woman drank more water and read more books for three months. You can choose your own length of time, a month or 100 days. But the true trick is to hand it over to someone else for the accountability to make a difference in you. Because once you give your word, you can’t blow that off.

Me? I’ve claimed again my intention to submit to be published in online magazines. I said it in the meet-up and I need to make some progress there now. I’ll let you know how it’s going. Think about your possible soul goals and leave me your thoughts in the comments. Because saying it out loud is one more step to making it happen.

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