Walking the Cross Island Trail on Kent Island here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, USA, is an escape walk for me. Even with the whooshing of the nearby highway, I go just 100 feet down the asphalt pathway and suddenly I’m surrounded by tall trees and wondrous birdsong. I went forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku, today and the Nature Therapy is always necessary.

A Walk in the Woods for a Little Forest Bathing on Shalavee.com
A Walk in the Woods for a Little Forest Bathing on Shalavee.com

I chose to go East this time instead of West. And I enjoyed the change of the feel of the forest and the water views. Old dark stumps crouching on the woods floor felt like cat beasts ready to pounce. Met a happy little turtle who was sunning himself until I made him panic. A pigeon perched on the bridge across Piney Creek to greeted me. And I avoided plenty of poison ivy as I stayed on the yellow brick road.

A Walk in the Woods for a Little Forest Bathing on Shalavee.com
A Walk in the Woods for a Little Forest Bathing on Shalavee.com

A half hour out and then a half hour back to my car awaiting my return in the parking lot of the Peruvian Chicken place to ferry me and a lunch special homeward. I am full and exercised and can no longer feel the pull in my right hamstring. I finished my walk before the dark clouds unloaded on me.

Sadly, the allergy place was not open for allergy shots which was the reason I had traveled the half hour there. So I’ll just have to reschedule to go back for another walk and a $5 chicken platter with beans and rice after my shots. Oh well.

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