How much time have I spent in my life wishing I just knew? Because if I knew what was coming, I wouldn’t be so afraid to make that next decision. The one I can not make because I’m afraid of what might happen. If I only knew.

I have spent a lot of my life trapped in that circle of thinking. That infinity sign of doubt. If only there were nothing to risk. But what I came to know too is that I’m a sucker for fun and that thought Merry-go-round isn’t any fun.

Fear is an ignoramus. It doesn’t care about fun or brilliant accomplishments. It only wants to keep you safe… like an overprotective abusive boyfriend who won’t let you go out to see your friends. And when you call him on it, he’ll kowtow so sincerely saying he only wanted to protect you.

” Choice to move is your heart saying yes to your life. “

You can’t know. Your only other choice other than that aforementioned Merry-go-round of no fun, is to make a change of any sort to your actions to produce another outcome. Risky but it’s your choice not Fear’s. You are breaking the spell.

You can’t know what will happen. You make a choice and hope for the best. Be that asking someone to support you and hold you accountable, To go to the doctor’s and ask for anti-anxiety medicine with that person. Or to flip a coin.

Choice to move is your heart saying yes to your life.

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And as always, thank you for your visit.

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