You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. You can only hope that by the time your “looks” start to fade and your skin starts to droop with the inevitable taxation of age, that you understand that your worthiness for being loved, for valuing yourself, is based on the merits of your character. Because otherwise you’re screwed.

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Yes, I’ve begun to be irked by my sagging Grandma jowls and my flappy underarm wings. And yet I am also understanding what value my soul has to this world. To measure my worth by not what I do and what I weigh but by the goodness and altruistic intent of my soul seems a better hand played.

That the everyday choices you make for your own self-acceptance and growth can be beneficial and of value to the rest of the world seems a novel yet noble concept. As I said to a young woman recently who needed a little guidance, I’m doing what I’m doing but if I can take my leftover knowledge and make casseroles to share than that’s what I’ll do. She said she loves my casseroles.

Worthiness casserole on

So today my worth is not based on how clean my floor is or the lack of care my garden is suffering from. Today my worth depends on if I’m doing my work and staying true to myself. Am I listening to what I need and then handing back out what I’ve learned. Am I being loving, truthful, and having integrity. If I can say yes to these, I’m doing it right. And I’m probably having fun too.

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