I am overjoyed to announce my participation and publication today on Terri Connellan’s blog, Quiet Writing. My piece titled Gathering My Lessons for her wholehearted living series is live now. 

The back-story? I met fellow writer Terri Connellan through Instagram. She has been an inspiration to me in many ways. Last year, I said I’d love to contribute to her Wholehearted Living series and Terri said “Yes please” for the end of March. My February Viva Havana fundraiser led right into this, essentially my writing my growth life story in March. A wicked doubt storm followed yet I still pulled it out before her deadline. Terri’s kind and gentle support felt like faith guiding me to create this piece I’m pretty darn proud of.

My term for Wholehearted Living is Creative Soul Living. And my piece is sumptuous and full of my truths and insights. Visit my piece on Terri Connellan’s blog at http://www.quietwriting.com/gathering-lessons/ . 

Terri and this opportunity were just what I needed now to show me what I am capable of. I am proud and pleased. I Can.

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