I have issues with stuff that goes missing. I eventually found my expired passport. I decided my pink camera must have been stolen. And I’ll be paying for another kid’s library book on the 19th.

I looked and looked. It just wasn’t in the recipe box or the plastic sleeves in my Household Binder where I kept my “go to” recipes. My buttermilk biscuit recipe was MIA.

So I looked up another buttermilk biscuit recipe in the Joy of Cooking. Later, as my husband and I were eating our biscuits for breakfast, he says, “Is this a different recipe?”  “It’s moister, isn’t it?” I said quickly. And I told him what had transpired.

That same week, as we enjoyed a lovely Sunday dinner at my mother-in-law’s, I was amused by a comment she made. She said she didn’t like her chocolate chip cookie recipe. This is a recipe that she’s been making for Christmas cookies for probably 40 years. She doesn’t like it yet she made them again this year.

My husband and I amusedly agreed, you may need to go ahead and willingly lose something to put something better in its place. As with biscuit recipes, the same can be said about bad habits or less than ‘good for you’ people. They can and should be lost as to be replaced by better versions, although this requires the recognition and acceptance that a better recipe exists. And trust me, it does. I’m a former smoker with an ex husband.

I found that biscuit recipe. It was right in front of my face where it was supposed to be. I threw it out and copied the Joy’s recipe to put in its place. In the same theme, I’m considering organizational habits I’d previously eschewed. I’m letting go of expectations everywhere in exchange for seeing what happens. My life is about new biscuits and a new baby and it’s all delicious.


  1. That’s the spirit, Shalagh. I like your attitude, and you got me hungry for biscuits. People are a little harder to part with, of course.

  2. “And trust me, it does. I’m a former smoker with an ex husband.”

    I love the concept and the lost item examples including the recipe/person replacement metaphor…eek!

    • Amy and Michelle,
      Try it, you may like it.
      I may change my biscuit recipe but I’ll never be able to change anyone but myself.

  3. Love it – this is why I’m tossing all my stained clothes in the trash this month too!

    • Just noticed an odd trend. My t-shirts all seem to have tiny holes. What better reason to throw out all prego clothing afterwards. I remember the last time, I watched What Not To Wear and got myself psyched to find clothing that flattered and fit me. It was revolutionary after frumpalina status for many months.
      Thanks Michelle.

  4. I second the vote for “And trust me, it does. I’m a former smoker with an ex husband.” as my favorite line. So perfectly illustrative.

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