My son said he wanted the weekend to feel like a weekend. A Sunday to feel like a Sunday. Because when you’re home bound, the days can start to feel the same-ish.
So today, I made sure we didn’t wake him up. He had a “real breakfast” as in not cereal or frozen microwave breakfast sandwiches. And we didn’t give him too many chores.

I asked him if it felt like a Sunday. He said “yes”.

What's a Sunday Feel Like? on

What is a Sunday supposed to feel like? I have always been a big supporter of special food and lots of luxury and doing what you feel like on Sundays. Wearing your jammies all day however becomes less special when you do it all week because you aren’t going anywhere anyway.

I am Julie Your Cruise Director (The Love Boat ref.) and it’s my job to keep the fun alive aka direct. We had a fire-pit on Sunday night and today’s my son’s birthday so chocolate cake and take out sushi are our feast! This week my husband thought up Room Day where everyone picks a room and stays in it and if you have to pass through someone else’s room, you have to ask permission. Luckily we have enough neutral rooms and bathrooms to make this pretty easy. I can’t tell you how much I am craving alone time.

We’ll be doing a Asian night with homemade Chinese food (our local takeout is closed down) and perhaps watch a Kung Fu Panda or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie. A game night, a music jam, and a picnic are all shake it up options. Trick is to put it on the calendar so that everyone can look forward to it. Because we’ve got many more weeks to go and the only way to get through this and maintain our sanity is to adapt proactively.

Any other ideas, please share in the comments!

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