Fiona says she thinks I need to go and get a job. That way she can get to go to daycare after school and play with her friends longer. I told her I had a job. What do you do all day Mommy? I write and do all those things that take care of my family and keep the house in order. Yeah, that’s not a job.

What Do You Do All Day Mommy on

This isn’t just words from a child’s mouth, I know many a male has wondered what we do with all of our “spare” time at home. Truth is that unless you’re a home keeper-upper, you have no idea the massive myriad of details there are to be taken care of. And I wouldn’t begin to defend myself with the details because my priorities may not be yours.

What Do You Do All Day Mommy on

What I can say is that keeping your family in 21 meals a week and clean clothing is a herculean undertaking itself. Add on the upkeep of a large nasty old house and grounds and your plate overflows. A dose of social and healthful obligations and then try to stick in time at your creative discipline and the cup runneth over.

But I do do it. Plus balance the checkbook and pay the bills on time. Plus the cats’ upkeep. Plus the dental and doctors appointments… And we the women, the stay-at-home moms, could feel shame if we were to see ourselves as worthless through the eyes of the those who don’t understand our efforts.

And we will get no respect if we do not respect ourselves. And raise children without any self-respect too.

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