It is an immense joy to talk with women in all sorts of places about their lives. I strike up conversations in stores or online about so many facets of living as a woman and a mother and I always come away feeling like we are searching for the same connection. Our future depends on this.

She said she truly loved herself on

During a visit to my bank recently, I had a candid conversation with a lovely hard working mother of eight children. I spoke about liking myself. She said she not only liked herself, she truly loved herself, and I wondered what that was like.

We all start in different places in our lives. Many of us are more disadvantaged than we realize in our beginning. And we have farther to grow to gain what other children are easily given. Self-love is one of those gifts.

I know it does our world and our children no good to be so hard on ourselves. The disrespect and judgment we show ourselves will only poison the next generation to do the same. The answer is always in love. That if we shower ourselves in love and compassion, our children will do the same.

She said she truly loved herself on

This lovely bank lady? She’s showing all eight of those children how it is to treat a lady. She is proud and beautiful albeit slightly unsure of the problems her forties will bring her. I am staring down the barrel of 53 years and feeling frustrated that my body wants to spread out in my skin. I ask the nurses to please not tell me what my weight is, thank you.

But Love myself? I think that is a darn good goal. In fact, I’d venture to say it’s the most important goal any of us can achieve that will ensure our happily ever afters. The lovely Mom at the bank has given me a goal to work on harder than any goal I’ve ever worked on. Self-Love.

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